Costume and Wardrobe department at Barrandov Studio is often in the sights of many international production companies as an ideal place to find everything and anything they need.


And „Raw Television”, a production company preparing a new series in Romania, called Harley & The Davidsons, is no exception.

The first season is working with a budget of about 22 mil. USD. Some of the main leading characters are Michiel Huisman ( Game of Thrones), Robert Aramayo (Game of Thrones), Bug Hall ( The Little Rascals Save the Day), Stephen Rider ( Daredevil ) a Jessica Camacho ( Sleepy Hollow). The series introduces two 19 year old cycle enthusiasts, who built an internationally famed brand, out of practically nothing in their very own “back yard”.

Wardrobe mistress Gersha Phillips and Carly Griffith visited the Barrandov Costume department and picked out over a 100 pieces from turn of the 19th century “art nouveau” style. The series is mainly directed at males, but despite this, many costumes were lavish pieces for the ladies as well. Alexandru Dinca (series prop master) and his team, selected from the Barrandov  props department countless pieces of furniture, props, and decorative fabrics.

Here are a few interesting items and the history surrounding them, that have been lent out to the making of this magnificent series :

Etager (NAB – 730-41500) - The inconspicuous character of this item has made it a favourite of many a filming project. Czech filmmakers have used it in several productions like “The First Republic”, “Exposure”, All My Loves”, Wilsonov”, “I, Mattoni" and the " Baba z ledu”. International productions in films like “Tannbach”, “Moap”, “Legends 2”, “Gotthard”, “Mountains and Stones”, “The Last Visa”, “Allmen”, and “Charité”,  have discovered its’ appeal as well.

Armchair (NAB  012-00801.1.) has made its’ on screen debut in several projects that have been made in the Czech Republic. The German production of “Hebamme”, or the Chinese production of “Last Visa”, to name just a few. Also we have sent it to Lithuania for use in the filming of the British mini-series “War and Peace”.

Carpet (DEK 90-312), appears to be old and worn, but for properties personnel and architects alike, it is a real “jewel”. You could have seen it in the fairy tale “The Princess and the Scribe”. And just last summer it made its appearance in the film of Anthropoid, about the successful commando operation that assassinated SS lieutenant General Reinhard Heydrich in Prague (starring Jamie Dornan, Cillian Murphy). Or in the latest series of “The Visitors” with Jean Reno a Christian Clavier.  The carpet travelled to Romania to be part of the “fixings” of the new film being prepared there about the life of the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Masaryk.