Today marks the 50th anniversary of Milos Havel´s death (3. 11. 1899 - 23. 2. 1968) in German exile. Milos Havel was a prominent Czech film entrepreneur, founder of the Barrandov Studio, and owner of the largest production company called Lucernafilm. During the German occupation, Milos Havel helped a number of significant Czech writers, playwrights and theater directors from forced labour, and others he supported financially. After the war, and after accusations of collaboration, he managed to escape to Austria. In 1955 he left to Germany.

Milos Havel was a visionary, and a prominent figure in the world's film industry. The Barrandov film studios are serving up to now to domestic and foreign filmmakers, and belong to the most important film studios in Europe.

May he rest in peace.