In recent months, we´ve made several changes, which we believe will help to increase the quality of our services.

Relocation of the Furnishing fabrics and carpets department is one of them.  Newly, this department can be found at the 2nd floor of the Props building, in a completely new arrangement, with the inventory items stored in shelves in a well-organized and safe manner.

Thanks to this relocation and a better organisation of the Costumes pick up and drop off, we could extent the Department of contemporary costumes and move our Sales department.

The Department of contemporary costumes (20th century) has been extended by a section of children costumes. On the left side of the Women´s costumes department you can newly find the Department of girls´ costumes, and on the right side, linked to the Man´s costumes department, the Department of boys´ costumes. This relocation gives us more space in the main and the most frequented part of the warehouse and creates opportunities for further extension of our offer.

Our Sales department went through a principal change too. In a part of the former Furnishing fabrics and carpets department, we created a new space for the Sales department, cash desk and the office of Head of Costume and Props Department. Newly, you can also pay your bills by a credit card. All the necessary administrative matters, and any questions and queries you may have in connection with your project can be newly comfortably solved at one place in this pleasant environment.

The Props department has one more novelty, namely rebuilding of the so called Fundus 2.  We have increased the capacity of the self-service department of Rustic/school/hospital furniture in the „New halls“ building by adding extra levels to the building. We relocated the wire furniture warehouse to Fundus 2 where the inventory gets better protection from the weather conditions and insect pests.

Detailed information about our Costume and Props Department including the online catalogue can be found on

We believe these changes will help to improve our services. Don´t hesitate to contact us. We are here for you!