Complete translations of the original text

Script adjustments

Actor selection including casting

Direction for the Czech version

Music direction

Recording, technical check

Supplementing/reconstructing international sound tracks



We offer turnkey dubbing services. The price is always individual, depending on production demands, the size of the project, the state of delivered materials and the granted royalties for the Czech version. For a price calculation, please contact the head of the department.

Sound postproduction

While dubbing is our main topic of interest, we also offer sound postproduction services for other than TV and film formats.

Space rentals

The prices are always calculated individually, depending on the extent and character of the project. Basic rate for lease includes the studio rental as well as a sound engineer's fee. The minimum length of recording session is 4 hours.

The equipment of the dubbing studios. 

Contact us

Head of Departement Bc. Lukáš Krpata E: lkrpata@barrandov.cz
Production Pavla Procházková, DiS. T: +420 267 072 669 E: pprochazkova@barrandov.cz