Barrandov Studio's co-production film Charlatan, directed by Award-winning Polish director Agnieszka Holland, will premiere in the Czech Republic on 20 August, 2020.

The story is inspired by the active life of the healer Jan Mikolasek. Although he was not a trained doctor, Mikolasek had a remarkable ability to diagnose illnesses and dedicated himself to helping the sick. The film’s main focus is on the dark era of the ’50s, when the Communist regime put Mikolášek on trial following the death of President Antonín Zápotocký in 1957.

From the moment I read the script I thought the story was quite strong, full of a certain mystery,Agnieszka Holland said.

The film was shot  in several locations in the Czech Republic, with the healer played by Czech actor Ivan Trojan. His son, Josef Trojan, plays Mikolasek as a younger man. “People admired his abilities and unconventional nature, but often also did not accept it,” said Ivan Trojan, commenting on the character he portrays in the film.

Charlatan caught the eyes of the Berlinale Special Gala programmers earlier this year. The prestigious Telluride Film Festival, which was scheduled to take place in September but was sadly cancelled, also revealed its official selection with Charlatan. The film would have already been selected for dozens of festivals, but due to the ongoing Coronavirus problems, the situation has changed.

Films Boutique, the sales of Charlatan, announced multiple sales on the drama in June. The film has sold to more than 17 countries.

Trailer Charlatan