Thirteen sound stages and an extensive backlot


Nine sound stages are located on the Barrandov Studio Lot and another 4 are located at our Hostivar complex (these stages are currently committed to long term television projects). Available for rental along with the sound stages is the directly adjoining backlot, which has an area of 160,000 square meters. Barrandov and Hostivar are situated approximately twenty-minutes away from each other by car and both are easily reached from the center of Prague. Prague airport is 20 kilometers away from Barrandov Studio.
All of our stages are soundproof and allow for direct sound recording. They are constructed in a manner whereby they can satisfy any lighting and energy requirements. Most of the stages are equipped with a winch system that allows lighting bridges, counterweights, and sets to be suspended.
Together with the stages, we offer high-quality support facilities – production rooms, make-up rooms, dressing rooms, camera and prop rooms, and catering areas. A projection room is available, primarily for checking dailies.

Our backlot of gently rolling terrain at Barrandov is unique due to its close proximity to the stages and abundant natural scenery.

Large additional catering room available for the MAX stages since spring 2012. Over 140 sq. meters, equiped with dining sets, offers space for 140-member crew.

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