Stage 5 offers the full conveniences of catwalks and stage elevators. A winch system allows counterweights and sets to be suspended. The wooden floors are appropriate for mounting sets

Unique sliding panels allow this stage to be joined with Stage Number 6. Opening the panels, which similarly divide Stage Numbers 6 and 7, creates a combined space measuring 130 meters in length.

Supporting facilities include a large entry gate that allows for the manipulation of technical equipment, the delivery of sets, and the entry of automobiles. The stage is also equipped with a high-quality technical area (known as the „preparation area“), which is designated primarily for set handling.

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Total Area Total Area Construction Area Construction Area Height
m sq. m. ft sq. ft. m sq. m. ft sq. ft. m ft
29x40 1,160 96.8 x 131.3 12,710 25 x 36 900 82x118.1 9,684 12 39