This soundproof stage, measuring 640 square meters, is equipped with catwalks and walkways. A winch system allows counterweights and sets to be suspended - maximum static weight of 300 kilograms and dynamic weight of 150 kilograms. The soundstage has a wood particleboard floor

This stage's auxiliary facilities include a large entry gate that allows for technical manipulation and the entry of technical vehicles (up to a maximum of 3.5 tons). The stage is also equipped with a high-quality technical area, which is intended primarily for set handling.

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Total Area Total Area Construction Area Construction Area Height
m sq. m. ft sq. ft. m sq. m. ft sq. ft. m ft
32x20 640 105x65.6 6,889 27.5x14.5 398.75 90.3x47.7 4,307 11 36