International Film Production at Barrandov


Barrandov Studio is a full-service hub for the international entertainment industry. Barrandov is a great decision for filmmakers looking to shoot in Europe, not only because it houses all the production needs under one roof and offered at an appealing price, but because it is also located in the architecturally stunning city of Prague. Prague has long been known as one of the premiere locations for its visually rich and cinematic qualities, not to mention the numerous, noteworthy, filming locations throughout the entire Czech Republic.

International productions can use:

  • stages and backlot rental
  • costumes and props offer
  • set construction services
  • sound as well as visual post-production

Download the PRODUCTION GUIDE to the shooting with Barrandov Studio!

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Get the incentives with us!

The Czech Film Industry Support Programme (FISP) offers a 20% rebate on qualifying Czech expenditure and 10% on qualifying international expenditure. Only registered Czech income tax payers with a place of business in the Czech Republic may apply for the FISP during the final stage. Apply through us and get all the support of the biggest film studios in the Czech Republic!



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