Costume and props collections


The Barrandov Studio Costume and Props Department offers a unique assortment of more than 360,000 costumes, hairpieces, and accessories, ranging from prehistoric times through the present day. Our costume workshop is renowned for its creations, in particular, for detailed historical clothing and footwear.

Barrandov’s Furniture and Props Collection is just as extensive and varied. You’ll find furniture from all eras (30,000 items), carpets and decorative fabrics (20,000 items), props (90,000 items), carriages and coaches (200 items), saddles and harnesses (2,500 items), as well as historical weaponry and firearm props (7,000 items).

Our rental facility is systematically organized according to type and historical period. Meticulous care is provided by experienced professionals to guarantee a consistent level of high quality for the items we offer. Our expert staff is here to provide a personal touch for each individual project to help you simplify your work and stay on budget.

For further information visit our online catalogue here.

We can also convey your costume and props selection requests “remotely” - online via e-mail, telephone, and video conferencing, with no need to pay personal visit to our warehouses or even to the Czech Republic. More information here.



  • Costume and Props Department


    Opening hours:
    MON - FRI 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Costume Service

    Rental of costumes, hairpins, and wigs
    Tailor's workshop

    Pavlína Kozáková
    Sales representative
    Tel: +420 602 352 032

    Marta Huštáková
    Sales representative
    Tel.: +420 702 230 530
  • Props Service

    Rental of props and decorative textiles, joinery workshop

    Ing. Veronika Slavíková
    Sales representative
    Tel.:+420 724 913 114

    Martin Beran
    Sales representative
    Tel.: +420 722 982 399
  • Head of Department

    Eva Žambochová
    Tel: +420 725 535 422