The Norwegian-Czech co-production The Christmas King – In Full Armour is shooting at Barrandov Studios. The creators, led by director Thale Persen, have based their story on the successful Norwegian series of the same name that was broadcast in 2012. One of the things that attracted the producers to the Czech Republic is the film incentive system. In addition to offering other services, Barrandov Studios also assists with cash flow during film shot in the country.

Feature Film Continuation of Popular Series

The successful Norwegian series, which viewers received with great acclaim, tells the story of Kevin, who finds a path leading from his hometown to the magical Valley of Knights. He experiences many adventures along the way and befriends the king. Their common enemy is the king’s brother Snerk, who lusts to take over the throne.  Although in the series good did ultimately overcome evil, this feature-length film provides Snerk with yet another opportunity to seize power and the heroes of the tale will once again have to prove their courage.

Collaborative Production by Barrandov Studios and Film Kolektiv

Film Kolektiv, acting in co-operation with Barrandov Studios, are providing the production services for the project, and several Czech creators hold key positions, such as the head set designer Robert Komárek and the make-up artist Ivo Strangmüller. Pavel Berčík is the producer on the Czech side.

Frederick Howard of Storm Films has only praise as regards collaboration with Czech producers. According to him, “Shooting in the Czech Republic has been great. The local co-producer Film Kolektiv has been utterly professional, culturally adaptive and done all in their power to stay on budget while delivering a world-class product.”   

The shooting is running at Barrandov Studios’ popular stage No. 4. The crew will spend two weeks shooting at Barrandov. The creators highly value not only the overall environment provided by the studios, but also the high quality of our sets and the selection offered by our Costumes and Props Department,” explains says Petr Tichý, the Vice-Chair of the Barrandov Studios Board of Directors.

Barrandov Studios also contributes to the ongoing financing of films shot in the Czech Republic. “We are very fortunate that we can work in collaboration with Barrandov Studios, whose quality of the services ranks it amongst the world’s best studios. Barrandov Studios also helps to ensure the cash flow for the project and I know that we can turn to them with confidence at any time in the future,” adds producer Frederick Howard.

Czech locations combined with a great filmmaking infrastructure

Producers have found other appealing locations in the Czech Republic. For example, The Christmas King has been shot in Czech Paradise and at the Kost and Křivoklát Castles. A large number of various historical locations is specifically one of the most decisive factors for Scandinavian producers when choosing the Czech Republic for their projects. Thus The Christmas King is not the first Scandinavian fantasy tale project in which Barrandov Studios is participating. “Last year the Danish project The Shamer’s Daughter was shot at Barrandov. And in 2012, Barrandov Studios’ artistic workshops created, amongst other things, the original costumes for the Norwegian fairytale Journey to the Christmas Star,”  adds Petr Tichý.

The premiere of the feature film The Christmas King is scheduled for this year’s Advent season.