The extensive set in which the historical series KNIGHTFALL was shot for the History Channel, including a faithful replica of 14th-century Paris and the seat of the Knights Templar, was purchased by Barrandov Studio in September.

The exceptionally large set measures over 100 by 150 metres in area, with many of the buildings exceeding ten meters in height. It took roughly 150 craftsmen from the Barrandov Set Construction Department two months to complete. This record-breaking speed became necessary when the first finished set burned down completely just one day prior to the start of filming. The damage was assessed at more than 100 million crowns at the time. The new set was partially used for filming the series CARNIVAL ROW, starring Orlando Bloom.

Both seasons of the KNIGHTFALL series were filmed on studio's exterior backlot spanning 160,000 sqm and on Barrandov sound stages in 2016–2018.

“After minor adjustments are made to the site, the scenery will be completely prepared for future domestic and international productions. I’m delighted that for the second time Barrandov Studio has a permanent set that will attract new projects, just as it did after the studio purchased the set from the Borgia project,” says Petr Tichý, CEO of Barrandov Studio a.s.