The coronavirus pandemic has not prevented Barrandov Studio from investing hundreds of millions of crowns into renovating their premises.

The company’s biggest investment was the renovation of the former film laboratories building and its total transformation into brand-new facilities for props and costumes, mainly for international film projects. The design of the three-level building totalling 6,500 sqm and six separately rentable units surrounding the central staircase offers an unrivalled space for activities such as patina work, costume design and make-up. This energy-efficient building is equipped with cutting-edge technology, access ramps, cargo lifts, a camera system and a mist-based fire extinguishing system (the same system used by the National Library of Technology at the Czech Technical University in Prague). This new-fashioned building is distinguished by a clear reference to 1930s functionalism, thus matching the surrounding buildings and in no way disrupting the genius loci of the entire Barrandov Studio premises. The building also includes a separate car park with a 100-vehicle capacity.

At the beginning of June, Barrandov Studio also opened a brand-new customer service centre for the Costume Department. This space provides clients with a more comfortable and relaxing costume-selection experience. Another major investment was the expansion of the Props Department’s storage capacity, creating more than 10,000 m2 of space for props and costumes.

“145 million crowns were invested into the renovation of the former film laboratories and an additional five million crowns were invested into the construction of a new customer-service centre for the Costume Department. In the coming years, Barrandov Studio plans to continue with other reconstruction projects on its premises. These plans include the extensive reconstruction of the studio’s ‘New Halls’ and the construction of new premises for the Set Construction Department,” says Petr Tichý, CEO of Barrandov Studio.