Don´t miss out a unique opportunity of an exceptional visit to the film industry backround and find out how the „Dream Factory“ really works ! Saturday, 1st September 2012 at Barrandov Studios !


The most of the programme is held in the czech language. Nevertheless series of tours is organised also for the english-speaking visitors.

We have prepared 4 different tours for you. The stages visit will introduce you to the advantages of interior stage shooting. You also have a chance to see exterior site – backlot with monumental sets of Borgia project. Fundus tour is divided into two parts and will show you world of Barrandov Studios costumes and props department. It is also possible to see our film laboratories and dubbing studios, however these tours are available only in Czech language.

Wwith regards to constant operation of the studios, prior registration for each tour is necessary. Admission fee for each of the tours is 50CZK per person. Children under 6 are admitted free. ). REGISTRATION FORM CLOSED.

There is also a free access to a rich program with accompanying events throughout all day. For more information click here.