This modern, soundproof stage measuring 22,090 square feet (2,052 square meters) has the highest ceiling (45.11 ft / 13.75 m). It offers the full convenience of catwalks and stage elevators. A winch system allows counterweights and sets to be suspended. The sound stage’s wooded floor is appropriate for mounting sets

 A unique, dismountable wall allows Stage Number 8 to be interconnected with Stage Number 9. If the connecting wall that divides stages 9 and 10 is also removed, a combined area measuring 322.2 feet (98.2 meters) in length is created.

The sound stage also includes a large entry gate that makes it possible for technical equipment to be manipulated, sets to be delivered, and automobiles to enter.

A working trapdoor is an above-standard feature – it is 39.4 feet (12 meters) wide, 26.3 feet (8 meters) long, and 14.7 feet (4.5 meters) deep.

The sound stage is equipped with an exhaust system that allows for the localized removal of smoke (smoke effects, fireplaces, smoke bombs …).

The air circulation technology installed at the sound stage allows the air to be replaced very quickly. The working light system uses the most modern equipment and allows for the perfect display of colors.

The sound stage is connected with auxiliary facilities by a covered corridor.

Stage No. 8 - Floor plan

Total Area Total Area Construction Area Construction Area Height
m sq. m. ft sq. ft. m sq. m. ft sq. ft. m ft
48.4x42.4 2,052 158.9x139.1 22,102 46.1x36.5 1,683 151.2x119.1 18,008 13.75 45.1