This soundproof stage, measuring 640 square meters, is appropriate for shooting commercials or smaller film projects. It offers all the advantages of bridges and stage elevators. A winch system allows counterweights and sets to be suspended. The wooden floor is appropriate for mounting sets

A textile key backdrop system, variable color screen, has been installed on Stage No. 1 in order to satisfy shooting requirements. With its dimensions (10m/32,8 ft high, 17m/55,8 ft wide and 11m/36,1 ft deep), it is one of the largest permanently installed green screens in the Czech Republic. The screen is available in green color. The vertical section can be stretched into a “U” shape or an “L” shape (32m/105 ft by 5m/16,4 ft) along the longer wall of the stage. It moves independently using a trolley system. The variable color screen is not permanently attached to the floor, thus it is possible to fold and remove individual sections. As a result, the entire area of the stage can be made available if required.

The stage’s auxiliary facilities include a large entry gate that enables the manipulation of technical equipment, the delivery of sets, and the entry of automobiles. The stage is also equipped with a high-quality technical area (known as the “preparation area”), which is designated primarily for set handling.

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Total Area Total Area Construction Area Construction Area Height
m m2 ft ft sq m m2 ft ft sq m ft
32 x 20 m 640 105x66 6,930 29.3x17.7 518.6 96.2x58.1 5,589 11 36