Do your business from the film address no. 1 in the Czech Republic! Here you can find our current offer of the offices, depots and other spaces for rent.


Apart from the stages and exterior backlot we offer also other spaces for rent - such as the offices, depots ao. Some of them are located on the Barrandov premises in Prague 5, the others in our facility in Prague 10 – Hostivař. We provide the parking places in the area and non-stop security service as well. From the center of Prague, you can easily reach the studios by car. The drive is approximately twenty-minutes.

Specials! We currently offer for rent the fenced backlot in Prague 5, K Barrandovu street, located behind the gas station OMV. The backlot measures 2 158 square meters and is suitable for example to host a car cash or car sale site.

Longterm rentals

Barrandov Studio a.s.
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Viola Pospíšilová
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Hana Křivánková
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