Barrandov Studio's set construction unit


This unit has a history dating back more than seventy years with regard to creating sets for film and television productions as well as building constructions for social presentations and events, exhibit stands and interior components.

We have sufficient capacity to create the sets for any film production completed on oursoundstages, on our exterior backlot or at any location throughout the entire Czech Republic.

The Sets Decoration Unit has its own carpentry shop, locksmith and metalworking shop,plasterer and masonry shop, and additional auxiliary workspace located on Barrandov Studio´s premises. All are available to assist in completing set construction. Thanks to the professional trade skills of our employees, we are able to produce original, replicas, mock-ups and other items of various shapes and sizes. We can work with any type of building materials.

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The Sets Unit is especially adept at completing atypical and non-standard items from selected fields of construction. All services are provided by professionals from the applicable trade. We will complete all tasks according to your specific requirements – primarily carpentry, woodworking, stucco, stone masonry, upholstery, painting, locksmithing, blacksmithing, and scaffolding, but many others as well. Full delivery of all the necessary materials is included.

The Set Unit uses Cemrock technology. Cemrock is among the Top 3 American companies specialising in musem exhibition spaces. More informationhere.