Complete language dubbing services


The expression “Czech School of Dubbing” was coined as a result of Barrandov’s dubbing expertise. This art has a long tradition here – the first Czech dubbing dates back to 1949.

Barrandov Studio has traditionally been successful at maintaining top Czech artists under its wings, including translators, editors, directors, and actors. Because of this, actors in foreign films are artistically dubbed by masters from the Czech pool of theatre actors. In the Czech Republic, dubbing is regarded as an important art form for film and television.
We offer complete “turnkey” dubbing services for producing Czech language versions of foreign feature films, TV projects, films, documentaries, serials, broadcast spots and commercials using Stereo, 5.1, Dolby Stereo and Dolby Surround sound technologies.

We can provide you with:

  • complete translations of the original text, necessary script adjustments and direction for the Czech version
  • actor selection including casting
  • video transfers
  • processing of unsynchronized Foley tracks delivered on separate media
  • supplementing and reconstructing international sound tracks
  • five dubbing studios, all equipped in an above-standard manner (ProTools System), are available as well as transcription rooms and mixing labs.

Currently, our dubbing department completes orders for almost all domestic film distributors and televisions (TV Nova, TV Prima, MagicBox, Bonton) as well as for foreign partners (SDI, Deluxe, Universal and others).