Services of the Commercials Department


Since 2004 we have completed several hundreds of commercials. Over the past few years, these have consisted primarily of large commercial projects that are of almost a film nature, i.e., they require large set constructions and large shooting areas. Each of these projects had the comprehensive Barrandov environment available and could thus take advantage of the unique synergy offered by the extensive range of Barrandov film services and all at one location.

The Commercials Department is the only stop you have to make. We then take care of everything else behind Barrandov gates. We offers production companies, agencies and customers efficient services for producing commercials within the Barrandov Studios framework:

  • consultations and proposals for solutions (time schedules for an order, studio space reservations, offer of other services: set construction, film laboratories, costumes, props, etc.)
  • preparation of framework orders and definitive budgets
  • timing and organizational coordination for individual services
  • contractual security for each order, including supervision over an order
  • combined and clear billing
  • twenty-four service for every customer: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are standard workdays
  • everything is arranged through one office

In order for us to continue improving our services and the conditions we provide crews and production companies who shoot their commercials here, Barrandov Studio has decided to install a permanent variable color screen on Stage Number 1, which offers the ability to change colors and shapes.

Some of the CD’s most important clients include Stillking Films, Unit and Sofa, Forward International, Dawson Production, Bohemian Pictures, Partnership Pictures, Sirena Film, Boogie Films, Armada Films and many more. Click here for more references.

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