The Barrandov Studio is a significant film producer and a co-producer.

As a co-producer, the Barrandov Studio participated in many film projects.

We understand the term co-production to refer to any form of financial participation or creative (non-financial) cooperation among several producers within a given project.

The Barrandov Studio enters mostly non-financial (creative) co-production relations falling into one of the following scopes:

  • Producer’s offer
  • Script review
  • Financial advice
  • Casting, including entire production crew but with a focus on directors and actors.

The financial aspect and calculated return on investment are not the only deciding aspects, as the artistic value of the submitted film project is an inseparable and crucial part in our decision making.

Key selection criteria are:

  1. Attractive synopsis and script
  2. Background of the producer
  3. Budget and financial plan
  4. Calculated return on investment of the project
  5. Distributor or sales agent
  6. Film director
  7. Cast of actors
  8. Cast of other creative professionals

Barrandov Studio concludes a co-production negation by signing a co-production agreement. If a co-production agreement has not been signed yet and the intended co-production project starts using Barrandov Studio´s capacity and services, the film producer will be required to pay a deposit in the amount of the rendered services. The deposit will be paid back on the day of signing of the co-production agreement in question.




Co-Production queries

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