Barrandov Studio is one of the largest and oldest film studios in Europe.


For more than eighty-five years, the studios have been the location of choice for over 5,000 Czech and International films.

The studios’ primary objective is to ensure the presence of all film-related fields and services in one convenient location – on the famed “hill behind Prague” – where Barrandov’s founding fathers, the Havel brothers, built the now legendary studios in the 1930s.

Barrandov Studio is the production hub for the international film and television community. Our Czech flag often flies alongside those of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, or Russia. Various social events and functions are also held at the multipurpose Barrandov stages.

Board of Directors: Petr Tichý, M. A. (chairman), Ing. Lenka Piškulová (vice-chairman), Rudolf Silný (member)

Supervisory Board: Ing. Mojmír Kašprišin (chairman), Ing. Petr Popelář (vice-chairman),  JUDr. Tomáš Chrenek, LL.M. (member)

Barrandov Studio a.s.

Kříženeckého nám. 322/5
152 00 Praha 5 Hlubočepy
IČ: 28172469
DIČ: CZ28172469
Tel.: +420 267 071 111
Fax: +420 267 071 133

Recorded in the Commercial
Register of the Municipal Court
in Prague under Section B,
Insert 12502