In the Barrandov workshops another unique work of art comes into being; the crown of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.


This unique made to order article was made by Barrandov craftsman to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV. This has been the second order of this type that has been crafted at Barrandov Studio.

It has been recorded that Charles IV had several crowns and for this reason it was very important to choose as an inspiration for the model, an appropriate diadem that would, from a visual point of view, be closest to the original. Extremely helpful in this regard were the frescos in the chapel of St. Catherine at Karlstejn Castle near Prague, where Charles IV was depicted wearing his crown. The frescos in question are the Fresco from the Relics Scene (the fresco depicting the presenting of relics to the golden cross of the county) and the Picture of Dedication of the Archbishop Jan Ocko from Vlasim.

Considerable help and inspiration also provided the relic crown of Charlemagne in Chartres, that Charles IV had ordered to be made and in 1349 supposedly wore at his own coronation as Holy Roman Emperor.

The result of this fairly demanding research, (70 hours of painstaking work of the smith, and 15 hours of work of the milliner), is a crown made up of two parts: the crown itself (metal) and the mitre (cloth). The mitre represents the spiritual symbol of kingship. The crown is made of polished copper metal plate implanted with coloured glass stones and pearls. On the forehead is a “gemma”, a small black stone with a portrait of Rome

Last year the Barrandov “sweat shop” or dressmakers department prepared for Carlsbad a costume of emperor Charles IV also inspired by a fresco in the chapel of St. Catherine at Karljstejn Castle. The costume was made up of a flax under tunic, and a brocade cloak and over tunic that consumed almost 7 meters of material. The costume was manufactured by an experienced wardrobe designer, who was careful to maintain classic tailoring procedures that are used in the craft.

The general public will have their first opportunity to view the crown and the costume on the 6th through the 8th of May 2016 during the traditional opening of the spa season at Carlsbad. After that date the crown will be stored directly at the Carlsbad municipal offices and will become a part of special occasions and celebrations that will be held there.

Ciselér - Michel Fabrice

Modistky - Renáta Cukrová, Monika Plachá



Picture of Dedication of the Archbishop Jan Ocko from Vlasimi.