Prague FAMU graduate film project by Olmo Omerzu, which was selected for this year’s Berlinale Forum, was created with a major support of Barrandov Studios.


"Barrandov offers one of the best facilities in Europe, high quality laboratory processing, as well as other services. The advantage of Barrandov Studios is that the most components needed for the film production are all in one place. Working in the studio is essential for certain types of movies, just like ours. It would be practically impossible to make, without having the option to use the stage."said the Slovenian director and FAM graduate Omerzu Olmo.

The film tells a story about two twelve-year boys, who accidentally find themselves in a random apartment the day after New Year's Eve. In the apartment there is also young girl and two grown men. Children encounter their first encounter with love and sexuality, forget the time and do not realize that their parents are already looking for them, even the police is involved. "I like working with actors. The film examines the issue of loss of ideals of love as well as the sexuality, in which there is no place for feelings. If there are any feelings present, they are masked by uncertainty, defence mechanism against tenderness," says Olmo Omerzu.

The director wanted to make a film that would deal with the topic of childhood, the transition from childhood to adulthood and intended to capture how the children world is reflected in the adult world and vice versa. In the film „A Night Too Young“ children get into situations from which they should be, at least according to our society, protected. The roles of adults are played by Jiri Cerny and Martin Pechlat („Holiday Makers“, in the picture taken at the shooting, the decoration built in Barrandov Studios, left) from the theatre Komedie. This ambitious project was selected for the prestigious Berlinale Forum section, which focuses on the discovery, narrative and controversial films (fiction and documentary). Worldpremiere of „A Night Too Young“ is scheduled for the 13th of February at ten o'clock, Berlin. The Czech premiere is planned for the 22nd of March.

The producer of the project is Endorfilm. Co-producers are Czech Television, FAMU Studio, Slovenian production Arsmedia and it was supported by State Fund for Support and Development of Czech Cinematography and Slovenian Film Centre.

Photo: Endorfilm